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"She clamped me across the temples, ear to ear. I heard bone crunch and thought, I’m done." #bears
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Today, we salute the people who make our national parks so great. #NPS100
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On the 100th birthday of the National Park Service, we remember just why the national parks are so important. #NPS100 #HappyBirthdayNPS
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The national parks aren't just a place to play: They're a school of life. #NPS100 #HappyBirthdayNPS
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Sure, you'd love to hike a long trail. But how do you get the money?
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They know more about #gear than anyone—they just can't usually talk about it. #NPS100
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The National Park Service's 100th birthday is this week—and it just got a heck of a present. #NPS100
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